Special conditions for babywearing consultants, midwives and consulting specialists

Dear babywearing consultants! Dear midwives and other people who work in the care of babies! You are doing great work. We know that and we appreciate it! ❤️

Your work is an important support for so many parents in building a strong and loving connection with their babies and you help parents - among other things - to find the right baby carrier for them.

We would like to support this and offer you two different ways to get a NIRMI Pure at special conditions:

1. 35% discount on a demonstration NIRMI Pure with Impact Patch of our choice

We will send you a NIRMI Pure with a patch of our choice. Some of the carriers are returns or shooting carriers. The patches have small imperfections or are made of upcycled fabrics.

2. One-time 25% discount on a desired NIRMI in the look of your choice from the online shop


With these discounts we want to express our appreciation for your work and at the same time ask for your understanding that as a very young company we cannot give away the demonstration carriers, otherwise we would not be able to appreciate our partners and the women artisans appropriately.

Order at special conditions:

Does that sound good to you? Then send us a message to info@nirmi.at and let us know whether you would like a random demonstration carrier or a discount on your desired NIRMI Pure. Please don't forget to send us your proof (certificate, website, social media presence)! You will receive a 25% discount code from us or a link to the demonstration carrier, which you can then order in the web shop.

If you would like your company name, address and website to be listed in the Babywearing Advisor Directory on our website, please let us know!