✔️ One carrier for the entire babywearing time

✔️ Interchangeable designs by slow fashion female artisans from around the world

✔️ Fits from birth to toddler age (3.5-15 kg/ dress size approx. 50-98/ 0-3 years)

✔️ Ergonomic position of the baby thanks to the steplessly adjustable width

✔️ Grows in height by turning the hip belt

✔️ Front and back carrying possible

✔️ No sucking on plastic: 100% linen fabric, wool felt padding, cotton webbing

✔️ Ethically made in Europe

✔️ Complies with EU standard EN13209:2015

Customizable Designs

Impact Patches from all over the world

Is the NIRMI Pure the right carrier for me?

The NIRMI Pure is the right baby carrier for you if...

…you search for one baby carrier for the whole babywearing time

…several adults use the carrier want variety in designs, but still want to consume mindfully.

the most important carrying features

wearing video

Carry in front of the belly

✔️ Your baby's natural position in the spread-squat position
✔️ Gentle, high seat with wide hip belt
✔️ quick adjustment and firm hold of the carrier

wearing video

Carry on the back

✔️ Relieves your lower back when your child gets heavier
✔️ your child can explore the environment or snuggle up - as needed
✔️ you are freer in front, for a wide variety of activities