wearing instructions


Please read our wearing instructions carefully before use.

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The NIRMI Pure is for newborns from a birth weight of 3.5 kg (7.7lb) to toddlers

3 months +


It adheres to the standard (EN 132092:2015)

instruction video

Carry in front of the belly

instruction video

back carry

safety instructions


- Your balance can be affected by your movement and that of your child;

- Be careful when bending or leaning forward or sideways;

- This carrier is not suitable for use during sports activities.

More information:

- When using the carrier, the baby must always be monitored!

- For low birth weight infants and children with medical conditions, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using the NIRMI Pure

- Be careful when carrying and pay particular attention to sources of danger such as heat sources, open fire, hot drinks!
- The carrier may no longer be used if parts of it are missing or damaged!